LWF feature


London Women’s Forum (LWF) was founded in 2004 (as City Women’s Club) by a group of investment banks as a support network for senior women in financial services. Over the years, the forum has gone from strength to strength, evolving into a professional organization now representing senior women across banking, asset management, professional services firms, as well as financial software, data and media companies. Its mission to support and grow senior female talent, combined with a strong value proposition have made it a desirable destination for female Partners and Senior Directors across the City of London.

LWF relies on their website to manage their large member list and numerous events throughout the year. They came to me in partnership with Clarence Films to modernize their existing site and completely revamp their membership and event management along with moving their application process online and fully integrating it with the member and event flows. In addition to updating their look and feel, I designed an interactive membership flow that allows administrators to review applications and members to then manage their profiles, removing many of the manual bottlenecks and increasing overall interaction.